my name is aspen smith and i'm a software engineer and musician.



i work on database internals at readyset, an incrementally maintained, partially stateful materialized view maintenance system for sql that's wire-compatible with postgresql and mysql, based on noria. readyset is currently looking for early users - if you're interested, check out the README or send me an email


  • windtunnel, a continuous benchmarking software-as-a-service currently accepting early alpha users (send me an email if you want to try it out!)
  • achilles, a compiler for (what I plan to become) a dependently typed, low-level functional programming language targeting LLVM
  • org-clubhouse, an emacs package for lightweight integration between org-mode and the clubhouse project management tool
  • xanthous, a terminal roguelike in haskell that I work on intermittently and exclusively for fun
    you can now try xanthous out over ssh by running ssh -p 2222 if you do so I'd love if you send me an email about it